Our Mission

We will serve you with integrity and our complete knowledge of the properties in San Miguel.

We can find your dream house in San Miguel. Our advice to you is to acquire an investment property, and make you yet another proud and valued customer.

If you are in the process of choosing a Realtor, here is a fact that may help your decision:

Every Colonial Realtor pooling resources, talent, and expertise, has been at work for many years. Our Realtors sell and list more in all price ranges, period. And our success ensures yours. The minute you make the Colonial decision, you benefit from investments we have already made, which will move you closer to your goals. When you choose Colonial, you have the best chance of achieving your goals in less time.

That´s a return on your investment… and the sign of a good decision.


Colonial investment philosophy

When you hire a Colonial Realtor you hire the whole team working together to ensure your success. In order to tap the power of Colonial´s collective investment, you must first choose a Colonial Realtor. And like all good investments, the price reflects value. You may find other Realtors willing to compromise on price, but what does that say about the value of their service? To put it in the simplest terms: when you work with a Colonial Realtor, you´re getting 100 percent peace of mind. Because investment = exposure = prospects = sale.


Colonial Web Site

Each property will be advertised in our Web Site until is sold.


Colonial´s inventory is available 24 hours a day, through Web exposure. Listings are updated instantly attracting prospective buyers.


Experienced and Educated Realtors

Colonial has a dedicated team of skilled negotiators on both sides, (sellers and buyers), always fighting for your best interests. We have the most educated, most accredited Realtor force and our team atmosphere cultivates smarter, sharper Realtors to assist you with every step of the sale.


Market Share

Our marketing plan gives you a level of exposure with great results that means quicker exposure to more listings and shorter time to the sale.

When buying a home, working with an AMPI member agent is the key to speedy, satisfying results.


AMPI members of San Miguel can offer significant benefits to the buyers.

- Work with an Agent you Trust


Your personal representative will guide you through the entire purchase process and negotiate with the seller the best price and terms for you.

- Rest Easier


With a wide range of options to choose from, you can easily compare property values and be certain that you are getting a fair deal.

- Save Time


Define your needs and budget just once and be shown all the properties available that meet your requirements.


Name Recognition

Colonial enjoys the most recognized name in real estate, backed by all the sales power of a trusted name brand.



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