Cost of living

The cost of living in San Miguel is much lower than the cost of living in the U.S. It is around one fourth of the cost in comparison.


The weather in this Mexican region is nice almost every day of the year. With blue skies and plenty of warm sunny days, this is the perfect location for people who want to get away from the cold.


The population of San Miguel de Allende is friendly, warm, and helpful. Many speak the English language, as well as Spanish, so communication is normally not a problem for retirees here, and there are plenty of new friends to be made.


San Miguel offers a lot of activities for retirees, whether they are active nature lovers or interested in things to do that are less active physically. There are shops and historic places to visit, horses to ride, and many beautiful and exciting things to see and do.


San Miguel is located in some of the most beautiful surroundings in the world. From the mountains in the background to the antique villas, buildings, and architecture, the scenery is this quaint Mexican town is exquisite.


San Miguel is a popular location with retirees, and visitors, because it is located close to many other attractions, but retains the Old World quality and culture. The bordethere are many others towns and cities, as well as natural scenery and historic sights, to see in the surrounding areas.

Modern Conveniences

San Miguel offers modern conveniences, such as wireless capabilities, phone service, running water, and electricity.


San Miguel de Allende is a very safe place to live, whether you are from Mexico or the United States. The crime rate is very low, and there are many retirees who already live here because it is one of the safest places to live in the entire world.

Festivals and Culture

San Miguel has more festivals through the year than almost any other city in Mexico. This location contains a lot of culture and history still, and many retirees and visitors enjoy the cultural displays and traditions. 

Closing Costs 

Depending on the sale price of a property-closing cost will be between 4% to 5% including the new acquisition tax. These closing costs, in general, covers: a permit to acquire property in Mexico, a property evaluation, a tax on the transfer of title, the filing of the deed, and lawyer's fees.

Are taxes expensive in Mexico?

Property taxes in Mexico are nominal, a drastic difference for owners of property in States such as Texas or California. On a $500,000 us property an owner can expect to pay between $500-700 usd per year.





Is it easy to hire a housekeeper?                        

Yes, it is easy and inexpensive to hire either a housekeeper, cook or gardener.

Is the language a problem?                                                                                 

No, Mexican people are very friendly and most speak English.

Where is the Airport?                                             

One of the nearest International Airport is located at Leon (BJX). Continental (Houston), American Airlines (Dallas), Aeromexico (Los Angeles) and Mexicana (Chicago) have non-stop flights. The airport is located one and a half hour drive from San Miguel, the International airport of Queretaro  has daily flight to Houston by Continental, the airport is located an hour from San Miguel.

 Can I import ménage from the US tax free?

Article 94 of the Regulations of the Customs Law says that a foreigner may import the ménage of his/her house tax free, if and when the ménage enters the country at the latest within six months after the date on which the foreigner entered the country (that is, the date in which he/she entered the country with his/her FM3).

Obviously the pediment should be accompanied by a declaration certified by the Mexican consulate of the place where the person who wishes to import the ménage lived and which must have the following information: Name of the importer (the foreigner), his/her domicile abroad, time of residence abroad, place where he/she will establish his/her residence in Mexico, description and amount of assets which make up the ménage (Article 91 of the Customs Law).
The ménage is made up of the following used articles: The personal property of a house used exclusively for the ordinary and daily use of a family, clothing, books, book cases, works of art or of science which are not complete collections for opening art exhibits or galleries, scientific instruments of professionals, as well as the tools of workers or artisans, if these are indispensable for the development of his/her profession, art or skill Article 90 of the Regulations of the Customs Law).  

Is it possible for foreigners to own property in Mexico?


In interior areas such as San Miguel ownership is a relatively simple process similar to real estate transactions in the U.S. Buyers of real estate own property, fee simple, out right, and by law have the same rights as Mexican citizens. Only in border zones and costal regions is purchased real estate actually held in a trust by a Mexican bank.

Are mortgages available?                                                                     

U.S. lenders such as Banks and International Financial Companies  have already entered the San Miguel market and in all the Mexican Republic.  For more information contact Raúl González  or loan specialist at      

 Capital Gains

Capital Gains taxes can be applicable to both Mexican and foreign sellers of real estate. However, in certain scenarios sellers of real estate can possibly exempt part of  capital gain taxes hold Permanent Visa. If the property is a primary residence or the seller of a property is a foreigner who hold Permanent Visa, then seller's can possibly be exempted or limit their capital gain taxes.
Several recommended lawyers in San Miguel de Allende can explain the process in greater detail.




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